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About the National team and the next game

About the National team and the next game
Never before in the last 7 years as a player of the national team did I encounter such a defeat. It is a terrible feeling to return home after such a bad result. All the players have their own share of the responsibility, we need to try more. The national team is not a matter of being professionalism. It is a matter of pride, our national pride because we play on behalf of our country. Giving ourselves is not enough we need to do even better. Unfortunately in Greece when a player is called to play for the national team everyone in his club gets upset because they are afraid of their player being injured. This is an attitude we must get rid of if we want this team to have any future. But this is not all! People in Greece remember the national team only after tragic results. The last time anyone said anything was after we lost by the Albanians. All of them have forgotten the national team since then. It is really a pity.

Still when you come back home you need to forget everything and leave it behind. Especially, if you have to play in a local derby. All United's international players will have to be focused on the game we have ahead and forget about our national teams. The game against Middlesbrough will not be by any means an easy one. The may have not scored yet but they will try to do it in any way they can. One the other hand we usually score and this is why I believe that the key to this game will be how well our defensive line works. We should not allow them to overcome this small negative record they have created and keep a clean sheet. If we do so I believe we could get the three points.

Nikos Dabizas


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