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A new beginning

A new beginning
It is true that this season has started a bit earlier than we had originally expected due to the European games. It is not a secret that we wanted to play in Europe and perhaps the Intertoto games will end up being our way into the UEFA cup, which is something we all hope.

However, it is still true that our season has started in a different way as we planned to start preparing for the Premier League and not for European games. If we manage to get through everyone will say that it was the right thing to do. If do not make it then people will say it was wrong from the beginning and that we will be out or order, which will a negative impact in the rest of the season.

I believe it is a challenge and that is the nature of challenges. You are never sure what the outcome will be. You just try for the best and that is exactly what we are going to do. We will try to win our way through to the UEFA cup to begin with and when the Premier League starts we will do our best to end up in the best place possible. It is up to us and the board to do make this a better season, compared to last one.

Nikos Dabizas


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