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Charges dropped

Our legal representatives informed me that after the forensic evidences from the DNA test were announced all the remaining charges were dropped. It feels like ages ago when the incident in Spain took place, but it’s only a few months since then. Still, when you expect the truth to come out, you cannot wait for a single day.

From the very beginning I had stated that I believed that Paul, Keith and Frank were innocent and this has finally been proven beyond any doubt. It is just very sad to see what they and their families had to go through. I now expect that the persons behind the whole story will have to face their consequences of their actions.

Something else that made me sad was to find out that the media did not pay the appropriate attention to the last chapter of this story. Publishing ‘bad’ news is always more interesting and attracts more attention. It is very easy to ‘damage’ someone’s reputation but very difficult to restore it.

Personally speaking I feel relieved that the whole story is now over. From the very first moment I had stated that I had no connection and that I believed that the lads were innocent and I am happy to see that this has now been proven and the charges dropped.

Nikos Dabizas


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